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1-3 Days$225/Day
4-6 Days$210/Days
1 Week$1350
1+ WeeksCall For Pricing

Add Ons:

  • Shure PA805SWB Passive Directional Antenna – $50 Flat Fee Personalized Routing – $100 One-time Fee
  • Shotgun Mic (room noise) – $50 Flat Fee

Personalized Routing:

Before you come to pick up the unit, we will program the x32 to fit your exact needs as a band.
The system will be routed to your specific monitoring needs (based on inputs provided by the band),
all inputs on input panel will be labeled to specific input list, mix busses will be named, packs and transmitters will be labeled by name, x32 scene and all labeling will be saved for future use.

Shure PA805SWB Passive Directional Antenna:

For use of the wireless in-ear monitoring system on stages where players may be more than 300 ft. from the rack, use of the extended-range PA805SWB is recommended. The passive, directional antenna allows for a stronger, clear signal while further away from the antenna combiner.

Shotgun Mic:

Rental of the shotgun mic solves one of the largest issues associated with in-ear monitoring.
Introducing any type of room mic allows the performer to feel connected with the crowd despite the use of in-ear monitors.

This allows ambient room noise into the closed monitoring system, providing a lively and organic sound that many users prefer.

USB Connectivity:

The Behringer x32 offers two different forms of USB connectivity. On the front of the unit is a USB 2.0 port that allows for two main functions.
First, the USB 2.0 port offers connection to any laptop that supports the Behringer x32 edit application. The second function offered is the direct-to-hard-drive recording ability.

This allows the user to record their performance directly to the hard drive however they prefer their stems recorded (up to 16 separate stems, pre-mixed as a stereo track off a separate bus, etc.)

On the back of the x32 (accessible via the d-punch patch panel on the back of the rack) is the unit’s dedicated USB a/d interface card.
This allows for up to 16 channels of i/o with the user’s DAW of choice. This allows the performer to record their performance directly to any DAW or USB cable device. Additionally, this allows the performer to run tracks out of their computer and into the system without the use of a separate interface.

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