Perfect for both Touring and Live Streaming Use


The NIEM system in a live concert scenario offers the consistency and personalization of a top-tier monitoring system at a price working bands can afford.
By making the switch to a closed wireless in-ear monitoring system, band members suddenly have 100% control over their own mixes through use of the
Midas m32 smartphone application. Each player has their own dedicated mix bus going through their personal wireless unit that they themselves are able
to mix and tune on their personal smartphone devices. With an average setup time of only 5-10 minutes, the NIEM system requires minimal effort in load-in/load-out scenarios. In addition to having a crystal clear, personal, and consistent mix from night to night, making the switch to a wireless monitoring system allows for full bands to be listening to the same click track and/or guide track while on stage, allowing for tighter sets and quicker transitions. In addition to all the substantial inherent benefits associated with the use of in-ear monitoring, the brain of the system (Behringer x32) allows for a multitude of ways to record a live set. Audio can be recorded directly to an external harddrive via USB 2.0 (located on the front of the unit), or can be processed into a DAW with the 16 channels available on the USB audio interface card built into the x32. By making the switch to a closed wireless in-ear monitoring system, bands and artists will be afforded the luxury and consistency of high grade monitoring at a price working musicians can afford.

Live Streaming:

The NIEM system allows for a seamless experience in managing both your inputs and outputs while livestreaming your concerts. The system supports up to 6 channels of wireless monitoring while offering up to 16 channels of D/A conversion. By making the switch to wireless in-ear monitoring for livestreams,
artists will be drastically cutting down room noise by eliminating floor wedges, offering total personal control over each individual mix through use of the
M32 mix control app, and creating the opportunity for an entire band to be locked into a singular click track. Additionally, the unit’s 16 channels of digital input allows for maximum control over the artist/bands mix. By containing all monitoring and i/o equipment in one 14u rolling rack, the NIEM system allows for the most powerful streamlined approach to recording and monitoring available for rent on the market to-date!


  • Behringer X32 Rack
  • 4x Shure PSM P3T (G20 Band)
  • 6x Shure PSM P3RA (G20 Band)
  • Shure PA411 Antenna Combiner
  • Shure UA8-470-542 Passive Omni-Directional Antenna
  • 2x Behringer MS8000Transformer Isolated Splitters
  • 25’ 16 Channel Output Snake


  • Up to 16 split inputs
  • Up to 7 individual mixes
  • 16 Channel Audio Interface
  • Direct to hard-drive recording capabilities
  • Full integration with all Behringer X-Series Products
  • Individual mix/bus control via M32 smartphone app